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Freeway Series

We found a great deal on Travelzoo for cheap field seats at Dodger Stadium for the pre-season game against the Angels. Since we rarely miss an opportunity to chant “Beat LA...Beat LA...” we bought the tickets, bought some Angels shirts in Anaheim, and took a short road trip from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Even though I hate the Dodgers, I love Los Angeles. There are so many fun things to see and do. One of my favorites is the Original Farmer’s Market at The Grove shopping center. It is the oldest known farmer’s market and has an extensive selection of food from all over the world. Plus it’s right next to the CBS studios, so we usually see a few famous faces.

Everything always looks so delicious but we finally decided on the Loteria Grill for breakfast for the world's greatest chilaquiles.

We also had dessert before we left from The French Crepe Company. You have to try their Nutella crepes with homemade whipped cream.

After we left, it was about a 15 minute drive to Dodger Stadium. There is a long driveway before making your way into the parking lot.

I love that you can see the Hollywood sign from the parking lot. But I didn’t like the “Think Blue” sign.

Dodger Stadium is the second oldest Major League stadium. When we went to Wrigley Field, there was nostalgic feeling. It was like you were back in the 1940’s watching a game. But Dodger Stadium just seemed old, the floors were sticky and the food stands looked dirty. However, that didn't stop my from getting a Dodger Dog and I did love the tribute to Jackie Robinson above the outfield seats.

Our seats were on the field between first base and right field.

They made an announcement that some special guests were coming for the Seventh Inning Stretch. I was really excited until I found out it was only Alvin, Simon and Theodore promoting the movie, Alvin & the Chipmunks. Simon was dressed up as Manny Ramirez.

We must have been good luck...Angels won the game!


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