About Us

During the 2006 football season, we were sitting in a sports bar watching the Chargers play in Denver.  The camera focused in on a few San Diego fans in the crowd and we immediately started talking about planning our own sports road trip.

Once the 2007 schedule was released with the Chargers at Green Bay in September, we knew we had to go to Lambeau.  We flew into Chicago and watched the Cubs play before driving to Wisconsin.  We made stops at US Celluar Field, the United Center and Miller Field.  We ate Chicago Dogs, bratwurst sausages, and hamburgers dripping with melted butter.  We called it the “greatest road trip ever” and our sports trips have become an annual tradition.

Since our first trip to Green Bay in 2007, we have been on the following trips:

2008 - Padres at Yankee Stadium, USC at UofA

2009 - Chargers at Cowboys Stadium

2010 - Padres at Busch Stadium

2011 - Padres at Fenway Park

2012 - Chargers at New Orleans

2013 - San Diego State at Ohio State, Padres at Phillies, Chargers at Eagles

2014 - Chargers at Arizona

2015 - USC at Notre Dame, Chargers at Green Bay

2016 - Chargers at Panthers, USC vs Alabama at Texas

2017 - USC at Notre Dame, NLCS at Wrigley

2018- Chargers at Wembley Stadium in London, Chargers at Heinz Field, USC at Texas

2019 - Chargers at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City

2020 - Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers Stadium Tours

2021 - USC at Notre Dame and Pittsburgh at Chargers


Watching our favorite teams play all over the country is the highlight of our trips, but it is only part of the adventure.  Every trip is unique with recommendations from the locals on what to see and where to eat.  We love meeting people and sharing our stories.



Fernando is a lifelong San Diego sports fan.  He grew up playing baseball and football and idolized Padres pitcher Goose Gossage.  One of his favorite memories is waiting for Gossage to come out and get a save so he could walk out of Jack Murphy Stadium with a “Goose Saved the Game” button.  He also remembers being at the stadium when his favorite all time player, Tony Gwynn, got his 2,000th hit against the Colorado Rockies.  


Fernando is anxiously waiting for the day when the San Diego Padres and Chargers have World Series and Superbowl wins. However, as a USC Trojans fan, he is no stranger to championships. He loves spending time at the Coliseum and rarely misses a Trojan football home game.  


On the rare occasion that Fernando isn’t at a sporting event, he likes to BBQ and watch movies.  His favorite sports movies are Field of Dreams, Major League, The Sandlot and Fever Pitch. Fernando’s wardrobe mainly consists of baseball caps, jerseys and sports t-shirts and he loves collecting stadium cups. 



Michelle was born and raised in San Diego, California. As a young girl, she developed a love for football while watching Joe Montana effortlessly throw touchdown passes to Jerry Rice.  After Montana left San Francisco for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993, Michelle traded in her 49’ers gear and started rooting for her home team, the San Diego Chargers. 


Her obsession with baseball developed later in life. She would occasionally watch a game, but it wasn’t until walking into Wrigley Field during the first Stadium Adventures road trip that she truly fell in love with America’s pastime. 

One of Michelle's greatest road trip memories is walking into a casino in St. Louis after watching the Padres beat the Cardinals and playing craps next to Padres Manager Buddy Black.

Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, hosting game nights, and traveling to Las Vegas. As a proud Trojan alum, Michelle also enjoys attending USC home games at the Coliseum. 



During any game, you can always count on Val to run around and exchange a high-five after a Charger’s touchdown, Padres home run, or Aztecs victory. 


Val is excited for the day that San Diego sports fans can stop reminiscing on all the heartbreaking losses and start showing off championship rings. 


Aside from his love for football, Val is a huge basketball fan and never misses an Aztecs or Lakers game.  


His love for sports is also shown in his hobbies, which include being a volleyball referee for high school and club team games. 

Val  also loves watching his favorite sports movies including Friday Night Lights, Caddyshack, and Rudy.


He is also an excellent poker player and his dream is to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.