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Living Like Royals

We traveled across the pond for the first Stadium Adventures international trip to watch the Chargers play the Titans at Wembley Stadium.

After getting settled in our flat in Hampstead, we tried all the staples - traditional English breakfast, fries with mayonnaise, and fish and chips.

Since we only had a couple of days in London, we hit up all the tourist spots.

Then we went to the Warner Brother Studios Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. It was about 20 miles northwest of London. We saw the Great Hall, the railway station, Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, and Diagon Alley. We also drank Butterbeer and spent a small fortune in the gift shop!

The rest of our trip was all Chargers. We attended the VIP Reception at The Admiralty Pub and got our jerseys signed by LT.

We finally made our way into Wembley Stadium to watch our Chargers beat the Titans 20-19.


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