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Te Amo Mexico City

There is so much to love about Mexico City - the energy, the vibrant street markets, the affordability, and the most amazing food. We took advantage of it all on our trip to watch the Chargers Play the Chiefs in the NFL International Game at Estadio Azteca.

We started our trip by using the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) to fly out of Tijuana which is significantly cheaper than flying out of the United States.

There is a checkpoint at the entrance of the facility. We scanned our CBX tickets and passports and it was less than a 5-minute walk across the fully-enclosed bridge into the Mexico side of the facility.

This is a safe and efficient way to fly out of the Tijuana airport.

Once we landed in Mexico City, we took an Uber to the apartment we rented in Polanco. The cost was about $15 and it took less than 30 minutes.

After settling in, we ate dinner at La Relais de Venise for steak frites. It was so delicious that ate there two nights in a row! For dessert, we had churros Churreria El Moro.

The next day we had an authentic Mexican breakfast at Fonda Margarita, explored the Coyoacan Market, and ate tacos on Lorenzo Boturini street.

That night, we attended the Chargers party at Pinche Gringo BBQ Warehouse.

We also met Legedu Naanee and Nick Hardwick!

On game day, we got up early for more churros before heading to Estadio Azteca. It was such a unique experience and unlike stadiums in the United States. For example, there are no concessions in the stadium, just food trucks lined up outside and vendors walking around selling random food items like cup of noodles and donuts for a couple of dollars. The stadium feels outdated and the seats were really uncomfortable, but the atmosphere was electric.

Unfortunately, our Chargers lost the game, and it could be the last time we watch Philip Rivers play in person for the Bolts, but it was a trip of a lifetime.


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