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Fight On in Arizona

Val and I surprised Fernando with tickets to the USC football game at the University of Arizona. We rented a car and started our adventure.

It was a five-hour drive from San Diego to Tucson. We made a stop in Yuma, Arizona for lunch at The Cracker Barrel. We don't have any of their delicious restaurants in California so I didn't want to miss an opportunity to eat their fried okra.

We finally made it and found our way to the condo we rented. It had a kitchen so we made made spaghetti and chocolate cake and invited our friend Brent who recently moved to the area. We asked Brent about all the fun things we could do before the game and he told us how to get to a local Indian casino. Of course we went, Val played poker and Fernando and I played bingo.

A few hours later, we made our way to the University of Arizona.We found a crowd of Trojan fans and found out they were waiting to welcome the football players when they got off the team bus. I got so excited when Mark Sanchez and Pete Carroll walked by that I could not hold the camera straight. As we made our way into the stadium, we saw so many people wearing Bear Down shirts. We did not understand the meaning, especially since the Arizona mascot is the Wildcat. However, later we found out it was the official slogan for the school.

Our seats were next to the USC Trojan Marching Band. We watched the team warm up and I was able to get some better shots of Mark Sanchez.The game ended up being really exciting. The score was close, but the Trojans earned the victory.


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